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MU students advise parents to not worry about campus safety


The campus was calm and it looked to be a pretty normal day for students at the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Following the resignation of President Tim Wolfe, there didn’t seem to be any celebrations going on around campus.

Students were still heading to class and continuing on with what they were doing.

Freshman Erica Thomas said though it’s pretty calm now, that wasn’t the case leading up to the resignation.

“A lot of people camping out, there’s been a lot of stuff going on media and news, but you can only see it from that middle campus," Thomas said. "I had a few text coming towards me asking if you’re okay and stuff like that, but I feel safe right now.”

Senior Zach Hampton said he hopes other schools can learn from this situation at Mizzou.

“Mizzou has just been an example of things that happen on many college campuses everywhere and while it’s bad, the good thing is its come to light," Hampton said. "Hopefully other campuses can see what happened here, so that people know that there are these things that do exist and we need to help each other and love each other.”

The executive director of the ACLU of Missouri, Jeffrey Mittman, issued the following statement on Monday:

“The ACLU of Missouri honors the University of Missouri students and faculty who have displayed courageous and creative leadership in bringing attention to the racism that is an unfortunate part of the history of our state and its institutions, and which continues to this day.

"Only by publicly speaking about these issues, by listening to each other, and by demanding proactive solutions from our leaders, can we hope to move forward and create a state where all Missourians are afforded equal opportunity and treatment by the law.”

Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder issued this statement on Monday:

"Racism has no place in our public institutions. Those individuals responsible for recent acts should be found out and given no reprieve. We mustn't, however, allow the abhorrent acts of a dissident few to drive the actions that decide the future of our state University.

"While I respect the right to peacefully protest and sincerely pray for the health and safety of all involved, I cannot ignore the necessity of law and order at our universities. Student concerns must be listened to and heard out. There is a process for that. However, our universities cannot be run by individuals' making demands or using extreme actions. The Board of Curators is in place to make informed decisions and govern, and they must be free to do so. Otherwise chaos ensues and no student is served by that.

"I respect the governing process in place at The University of Missouri, and support the men and women authorized to make decisions on behalf of all our students. I hope for a peaceful resolution and urge all parties to work to build a bright future for our state's flagship university."

Freshman Grant Farmer said parents shouldn’t be worried for their students.

“I think on both ends there hasn’t been any violence on the campus or divided because of the race issue and I don’t think it should discourage any parents from thinking about sending their kids here for the next four years because, overall, it’s a pretty friendly campus.”

Some students say, even though the president did resign, this is only the beginning.

Lt. Gov. Kinder issued this statement on Tuesday regarding the incident on Monday in which a communications faculty member at the University of Missouri was caught on camera harassing journalists trying to cover protesters:

"On Sunday I stood by the rights of protesters to have their voices heard while also urging the need for governance by University of Missouri leadership. Today, I'm standing for another First Amendment right, the freedom of the press. Actions on Monday by University faculty and staff to infringe on students' First Amendment rights directly contradict what is taught at our universities. This incident must be examined, and if found necessary, disciplined.

"Faculty and staff cannot be allowed to pick and choose which rights, viewpoints and freedoms they respect. I renew my call to restore law and order on campus, so the rights of all are protected. The University of Missouri is funded by taxpayers. It is imperative that it be a place where freedom is paramount and all voices are heard."

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