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Carbondale AMC Theatre interested in selling alcoholic drinks


What do you think about alcohol being served at a movie theater? Well one Heartland theater is interested in doing just that. 

The AMC Theatre at University Plaza in Carbondale, Ill. recently requested a liquor code classification to the city's liquor advisory board, which would allow the theater to sell alcoholic beverages to people 21 and older.

Spokesperson for AMC, Ryan Noonan said the theater wants to obtain the necessary alcohol license for its new remodeling project, from enhanced seating to more items on the menu.

Another addition would be a bar, and with the idea of alcohol being served, there were a lot of different opinions.

“We come here, it’s a family place. We come here to see the Christian movies they play. And for the young kids, we just think mixing that with the alcohol might just give that wrong environment," Dena Hale said. 

"It brings more problems than it does solutions," Ron Hale said.

“I think one or two drinks would be fine. They could have some kind of punch on their show card, so that after two things, they can’t buy anymore liquor," Rhonda Kirkpatrick said.

Noonan said if approved, "MacGuffins Bar" would be added with a number of policies in place.

No matter how old somebody is, they give an ID," Noonan explained. "It's one drink, per customer, per visit to the bar. So you can't go order three or four drinks. You can order one drink per trip."

He explained a distinctive set of cups are used when serving alcohol, with alcohol monitors in the theaters, and employees are also trained.

"The entire staff is trained by a service that trains companies on serving alcohol. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on employees who violate any liquor controls," he said.

Noonan said AMC has 115 theaters across the nation that serve alcohol and says the results have been exceptional.

"We're looking to get people excited and keep them excited about going to the movies. Obviously there are any number of different entertainment options available. And we're taking tremendous steps in terms of revitalizing "movie-going" in the country," he said.

The thought of one coming to Carbondale though, is still a toss-up among residents.

“I would not like to take young people to the show and there are people in the show drinking, I don’t think that would send a good message," Taquana Marshall said.

“I think it could potentially be a good idea, as long as it’s monitored and a restriction of how many drinks you can have in a theater. I don’t see any harm in it," Cody Essien said.

“I think it’s just depending on  if you’re going on a double date or you’re going on a date with your husband, wife, partner, whichever, you can buy alcohol, but if you go with kids or a family event, you can choose not to buy alcohol," Barbara Wilas said.

This request will be up for discussion at the city council meeting on November 17. 

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