Study: Stress at work could take years off your life

Is work killing you?

(KFVS) - A stressful work environment can be irritating, but could impact how long you live?

According to a new study, the stress you feel at work could take years off your life.

If you have a job where you don't feel stressed out, consider yourself fortunate.

Some people's jobs leave them feeling panicky, unable to focus and even affect their heart rate, which researchers say could significantly affect your lifespan.

Harvard and Stanford researchers believe it does. Researchers found some people could lose up to 33 years of life, and less educated people are more likely to have stressful jobs.

Those with the highest levels of education were less affected by stress.

Researchers say the new study indicates society needs to focus more on creating healthy and supportive work environments, regardless of a worker's education level. And to find ways to cope with stress.

Other recommendations from the study are to avoid being stressed are simple, it involves taking more breaks.

They say no one should work more than 90 minutes without a one.

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