iOS9 iPhone tips and tricks you may not have thought of

iOS9 iPhone tips and tricks you may not have thought of

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Thousands of you are probably reading this using a mobile device as you watch TV. But, how well do you know your operating system? We went to an expert who says iOS9, there are a lot of features you may not even know about.

We got the idea for this story because our assistant news director's daughter changed his wife's phone so that when she wrote the word "no" her phone changed it to "pumpkin pie." She didn't know how to fix it. Would you? Let's start there!

Change your text

Settings>General>Scroll down to Keyboard>Text Replacement has Shortcuts. You can add some or, in this case, take some out!

Ryan Frenz is co-owner of Velosity Electronics in Cape Girardeau. He says iOS9 is the best iPhone operating system yet.

Save your battery

Frenz's favorite new feature is the low power mode. If you know you're going to be away from your charger for a while, this is great!

"It turns off a lot of background services off that you don't need," Frenz said. "And makes the processor run slower."

Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode>On

Apple Pay

These days your phone can be like a wallet. Apple Pay allows you to connect a debit or credit card to your phone and use it to pay for things. Places like Schnucks, Starbucks and Walgreens are using it. But what about security? Frenz says it's better than a credit card alone.

"Each transaction generates its own code which makes it better than a credit card alone," according to Frenz.

Apple Pay only works with phones that have the fingerprint technology because you also need a fingerprint to use it.

Settings>Wallet and Apple Pay>Add A Card.

When your phone is locked, double click the home button to access your debit or credit card and then use the Apple Pay scanner to pay for things.

Erase data

Erase Data is something to think to consider.

Settings>Touch ID and Passcode>scroll to the bottom

If your phone is lost or stolen, this feature allows ten attempts at your password, then, it totally erases your phone. But beware...

"If you're really safety conscious and you're scared you could lose corporate data, this is a nice feature," Frenz said. "But if you have kids who might get your phone and type in the passcode a bunch of times maybe you don't want this."

Locations Services

And the Find My iPhone app is better than ever. It can track your phone's location if it's ever lost of stolen. It's set up with an email address. The great new feature is, if your phone starts to lose battery life, the app will automatically send your phone's last location when it had power.

Another tip, you may want to give your Find My iPhone password to someone you trust. Recently a Georgia Tech student who was missing was located and likely saved from hypothermia using the Find My iPhone location services.

Speaking of Locations Services, some people may want to look at theirs.

Settings>Privacy>Location Services

Some people may want to turn these off since your phone can be tracked but, Ryan recommends picking and choosing which ones you want to leave on instead of just turning them all off.  Some are beneficial but all of them on can eat away at your battery life.

WiFi Assist

And, finally, WiFi Assist.

Settings>Cellular>scroll to the bottom

This can be a nice feature in one way and a battery eater in another. If you ever have a WiFi signal that isn't very strong, WiFi Assist will automatically use cellular data the strengthen your WiFi power.  The problem is, it can also eat up a lot of data so using it is up to you!

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If you have any tips or tricks we missed or that you suggest, please let me know on my Facebook page, Jeff Cunningham KFVS.

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