Does It Work: Mighty Mug

Does It Work: Mighty Mug

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Dr. David Mauk with Southeast Missouri State's Department of Agriculture has a tendency to knock stuff over.

"It started when I was a child," said Dr. Mauk. "I am very accident prone. I'm always knocking something over. It's a never-ending battle."

As a result, Dr. Mauk usually sticks to cups with lids; but even a tall glass of water in a lidded, Styrofoam cup has been known to give him trouble.

"I put my thumb through the side of them," said Dr. Mauk. "It gets stuck in the cup holder in the car and you try to get it out and you end up sticking your thumb through the side. Water gets all over the place."

Could the Mighty Mug, billed as "The mug that won't fall over," save the day? The product claims its "Smartgrip Technology" can prevent spills when you accidentally bump your beverage, while allowing you to easily lift it up to take a drink. Dr. Mauk, however – was skeptical.

"It appears that there is a suction cup on the bottom of this and I think it'd go on the floor pretty quickly with me," said Dr. Mauk.

To test it out, Dr. Mauk filled the Mighty Mug with ice water, screwed on the lid and gave it a few test bumps.

"I can bump against it and it doesn't go anywhere," said Dr. Mauk. "Okay. I'm becoming a fan."

Mighty Mug held up to Dr. Mauk's bumping, but when he bumped the table a second time – Mighty Mug toppled over.

The Mighty Mug's instructions say not to exert any aggressive force to the Mighty Mug. While we didn't consider table bumping particularly aggressive – Dr. Mauk wasn't ready to call Mighty Mug a failure.

"I think porosity has something to do with it," said Dr. Mauk.

When we shook the table violently to simulate an earthquake – Mighty Mug didn't move.

Dr. Mauk said not only does he have a tendency to spill things – he also admitted to forgetting cups sitting on his vehicle. So, for the ultimate test, we took the Mighty Mug out into the parking lot and stuck it to the hood of the car.

Mighty Mug held tight as we bumped over a curb, took a few tight turns around the parking lot, and slammed on the brakes.

When we were parked Mighty Mug lifted right off the hood of the car with no resistance at all.

Dr. Mauk gives it a thumbs up.

"The Mighty Mug I think has potential," said Dr. Mauk. After having done this research I think it's a decent product."

Dr. Mauk gives Mighty Mug 4 stars on this Does It Work Test.

We purchased the Mighty Mug for this test at Walmart for $17.92.

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