'Get divorced' written on newlywed's car

'Get divorced' written on newlywed's car

BENTON, IL (KFVS) - Kristen Fletcher, of Benton, Ill., and her husband got married recently.

The couple were excited and celebrated. Like a lot of newly married couples, they decided to write "Just Married" on their car.

A trip to Walmart changed their celebration into frustration.

On Monday night, Kristin went to Walmart in Benton to shop. She parked her car and went inside. When she came back out she noticed her car had been vandalized.

Someone wrote "Get Divorced" and "Get smart" on her car with paint.

"It's both vandalism and disrespectful," Fletcher said. "For a person to be so rude as to not only deface someone else's property, but to write something so hurtful and ill mannered."

Fletcher said she wants answers and justice from those who are responsible.

"If people write on buildings with graffiti, it's vandalism," Fletcher said. "This is the same as writing on someone's property."

West City Police Department is investigating the incident. They ask if anyone has any information to contact them.

For Fletcher, she said while she is frustrated and upset at those who did this, she is praying for them to help find the right path in life.

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