Tips: How to protect your family against beef recall

What to know about meat recalls

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - All American Meats, a meat company based in Nebraska, joins the list of recalls as USDA finds E.Coli in its ground beef.

Luckily, grocery stores we reached out to in the Heartland doesn't get their ground beef from that company, but one meat buyer says the E.Coli outbreak isn't a shock.

"A lot of the times it because there is so much demand for that ground beef," Molly Whipple said.

Whipple is a meat buyer for the Co-Op in Carbondale, Illinois. She says the recent E.coli outbreak found in chain restaurants like Chipotle may be caused by supply and demand.

"The more you have, the harder it is to control and maintain quality, so when one outbreak happen it can just spread," she said.

Whipple says shopping locally and buying organic products can lessen your chances of getting E.coli.

"Know who you are getting it from," she said. "My rule of thumb is if I can't talk to the supplier, if I can't get direct questions answered right then and there, I generally don't buy it."
What else can you do to keep your family safe?

  1. Make sure the counters you prep your food on are cleaned after each use
  2. Make sure the beef is cooked to 160 degrees
  3. Check the dates on meat packages & NEVER judge freshness by the color of the meat

"Another way to help is have all of your ingredients prepared before time, so you don't have to stop and have so much surface contact with it," Whipple said.

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