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How to: The perfect look for Halloween

(Source: Nichole Cartmell/KFVS) (Source: Nichole Cartmell/KFVS)

Sometimes it's the make-up that makes a Halloween costume stand out from all the rest.

Turns out, the tools you need could already be at home.

According to Deani Hurst with Trendsetters in Cape Girardeau, things like cotton balls, paint brushes, and sponges can easily be used to create anything from bloody and gory to pretty and glittery.

"A lot of your standard sponges that you have around the house are great because they're aerated," Hurst said. "So therefore they just put make- up in a certain spot exactly where you want it instead of the size of the sponge."

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Zombie, bloody look

Look for a standard make-up kit from your local retailer that comes with liquid latex.

Using the latex, layered with cotton you can make it look like cuts are protruding from your face or body.

A blow dryer can be used to help move the drying process along.

Simple, please

A quick look through mom's make-up can be the key to creating something as simple as an animal face.

"Take mom's eyeliner and draw on some whiskers and color in your nose and you've got something very cute," Hurst says.

Don't forget

Hurst says there are two key aspects to remember for any Halloween make-up.

First, start with a clean face to make sure you don't have any oils or build up so the make-up will adhere.

Second, use hairspray to help the make-up stick and doesn't wipe off as easy.

If you aren't so sure about your creative skills, Trendsetters is offering to do your child's make-up. Artists will be on hand from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost is $5.

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