Mt. Vernon high school cheers on 'Tristen Tough'

Mt. Vernon HS cheers on "Tristen Tough"

MT. VERNON, IL (KFVS) - Sixteen-year-old Tristen Sharp is fighting for her life after being hit by a car a few weeks ago in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

Mt. Vernon High School has rallied together to make sure Tristen isn't in the fight alone.

Tristen is a well-known cheerleader at Mt. Vernon high school; and while she recovers, teammates, faculty and friends are cheering her on through a difficult time.

"If you're having a bad day, she will pick you up and make you feel ten times better than you did before," teammate, Sierra Benedict said.

When it comes to Tristen Sharp, many words come to mind from some of her teammates.

"She's the definition of school spirit," Benedict said.

"Energetic, like she met everybody, and she made everyone have a smile on her face, and she just lifted you up, whenever you were having a bad day," teammate Gabriella Bauer said.

She's a student one teacher describes as a hard worker.

"One of those really great kids that just makes teaching easier because she always does what she's supposed to do. Just a really good-natured student," teacher Sheila Stowers said.

But one word sticks out when describing 16-year-old Tristen.

"She's so tough, both mentally and physically," Benedict said.

With a wall decorated cheering Tristen on, teammates say it's an outpour of love and support from students who know her and those who don't.

"She has brought together so many people, so many towns, it's amazing the amount of people that are here to support her," Benedict said. "She might not have even known them, but they're all here for her."

And while Tristen stays tough through this fight, teammates say they'll be ready to welcome her with open arms.

"Whenever she wakes up, we're ready for her and going to be supportive and even people she doesn't know are going to be there and help her and love her," Bauer said.

"We know that you're going to make it through, just keep on fighting you," Benedict said.

Benedict said there have been hundreds of bows decorated, cheering Tristen on through this fight.

They are bows not only her teammates are wearing, but other cheerleading teams as well.

There is a Facebook page for Tristen, called Tristen Tough for updates on how she's doing.

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