Does It Work: Illooms Light Up Halloween Balloons

Does It Work: Illoms Ligh Up Halloween Balloons
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Halloween is the day when the things that go bump in the night come out to play, but one product on store shelves aims to shed some light on trick-or-treaters or a Halloween party.

Julie Keuhle and her husband host a Halloween party at their home every year and they enjoy decorating their home in all sorts of spooky ways to impress, and hopefully scare their guests.

"It's just fun, it's all for the kids," Keuhle said. "They come over and have a good time. We have about 125 trick-or-treaters and about 100 people at the party."

Keuhle and her kids, four-year-old Wesley and two-year-old Evie, are all really into the holiday and love dressing up in costumes and trying out new ghoulish items for Halloween fun.

The Keuhles dressed as a Franken-family with Mr. Keuhle as Frankenstein's monster, Wesley as mini-Frankenstein, mom as the Bride of Frankenstein and little Evie as Franken-girl.

"You can be anybody on Halloween," Keuhle said. "You can decorate your house however you want."

A Franken-trio, mom, Wesley and Evie, agreed to put Illooms Halloween Light Up Balloons to the Does It Work test ahead of Halloween.

The Illooms Light Up Balloon packaging promises spooky glowing fun for at least 15 hours.

"You could blow them up Halloween morning and they'd still be good Halloween night," said Julie Keuhle.

The directions say to pull the tab to turn on the LED light inside the balloon. Most of the time our group discovered that the balloons did in fact glow the moment you pulled the tab. Some LED lights were a little tougher to get going, and we found that you had to squeeze the LED device with your fingers prior to inflating the balloon to get the light to work.

The directions indicate that for safety reasons, users should not inflate the balloons larger than 9 inches in diameter. We used the 9-inch measuring tape included in the package to ensure we followed the safety guidelines.

To test the true glowing capacity of the balloons we took about a dozen Illooms balloons into the darkest room in the house. The Illooms did glow rather brightly in the dark, but we found that the white balloons, specifically the ghosts and eyeballs, seemed to glow the brightest. The orange jack-o-lanterns and yellow skeletons did glow, but not as noticeably.

Overall, the Keuhle family gave the spooky balloons a glowing review.

"We liked them," said Julie Keuhle. "They're fun, they're pretty easy to do, and the white ones worked especially. I can see them being a lot of fun on Halloween."

The Keuhle's give Illooms Light Up Balloons 4 stars on this Does it Work test.

We purchased Illooms Light Up Halloween balloons at Walmart for $3.97 for a pack of five.

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