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CONFIRMED: Most parents plan to secretly eat Halloween candy

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A new study has confirmed every kid's worst Halloween fear - yes, Mom and Dad are most likely eating your candy after you fall asleep.

According to a new study on Yahoo Food, 68% of parents wait for their kids’ to hit the hay - and then dig into the fruits of their trick-or-treating labor (32% said they wouldn't dare - but come on, like we believe that).

The study was part of a look into Halloween trends, and uncovered a bevy of insightful information, like:

  • 95% said they’ll hand out good ole candy to trick-or-treaters, while only 16% said they’ll give out healthy snacks.
  • More than 1/3 (35%) Americans pretend not to be home when trick-or-treaters arrive.
  • Skip the homemade goodies - 70% of respondents said they wont let their kids chow down on homemade or unpackaged treats.

It's not all bad - A majority (40%) of respondents said they’ll eat five treats or fewer on Halloween. 

However, 18% of people said they’ll knock out at least 20 pieces of candy.

The study also took a look into what the most loved - and most hated - Halloween treats are:

For the full results of this shocking study, click here.

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