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Drivers react to tire recall issue

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You, or the drivers traveling next to you, may be riding on recalled tires and not even know it.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the system for recalling faulty tires is broken. The results of a year-long study reveal 4 out of every 5 recalled tires are still on the road.

Those study results seem to support calls for a mandatory registration of new tires.

Only about 1 in 5 defective tires is being removed from the road through the current safety recall process.

About 33,000 times a year a problem with a passenger vehicle tire leads to a crash.

The NTSB blames the problem on a systematic issue for tire registration. That's because only tires sold to consumers by manufacturers are automatically registered for recall notices.

But the majority, 92 percent of tires, are sold by independent dealers and those dealers are not responsible for registering tires. That's a job left to the buyer.

Some drivers we talked to were pretty shocked to hear this news.

"That is incredible because I just bought last week. I had no idea. I always buy Michelin because to me they are the best and I had no idea at all. If there was a recall, I would have never known, ever,” Jerry Joiner.

"Well, I think the tire dealers should be required to contact me if there is a recall on tires that they have sold me," Rick Smith.

Only 15 percent of people register their tires.

The solution, the NTSB wants to put the same computer chips found in credit cards inside the tires.

It won't hurt the large tire manufacturers, but for those small independent shops, that means more equipment, more training and more dollars.

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