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Everyday Hero: Susan O'Connell

Love can come in many forms.

The love of family and friends.

The love between two people who have found “the one.”

And even the generous love of strangers; sometimes that kind of love is unexpected, but most appreciated.

For Susan O’Connell, her life is a mission of love.

Susan is the first to tell you she’s just one of many making a difference.

"You know I’m not in any way special," said Everyday Hero Susan O'Connell. "There’s lots of people out there doing these things.”

These things being volunteering and taking time to help others.

“I just think there’s nothing more rewarding.”

Coming out of retirement several years ago, Susan saw an opportunity to give back in a way she hadn’t before.

First, on the board of a local organization and then expanding her work through Love INC.

“I feel like, and this is my personal belief, that God puts me where I need to be and if I just pay attention, those opportunities are there," Susan said.

Love Inc. helps anyone who needs it whether it be financial assistance or the elderly.

And for Susan, her love of helping others rekindled her relationship with God.

“Honestly I hadn’t been going to church for awhile and I thought it was interesting how I kind of got brought back because of that.”

She also loves to frequent nursing homes and the veteran’s home just to visit and at times brings her grandsons along.

“I think it's important for them to see that.”

But of course with all love, there’s heartbreak.

And Susan’s felt that too.

“We all have problems and I’ve had family things that have really affected me deeply emotionally and these things help heal that.”

A mutual healing process.

Many years ago, she gave some food and toys to a family who had lost everything in a fire.

“Well she (the mother) starts crying and of course I start crying. She said you just don’t know how much this means. And I said you don’t know how much this means. It’s a two way street and I could tell it really touched my kids," Susan recalled.

This Everyday Hero does the little things, every day, to make sure someone who needs it, knows they’re loved.

It’s this type of compassion she hopes to pass on to her children and grandchildren and, a feeling of fulfillment she hopes others will be motivated to find.

“Like I said I’m just scratching the surface. A lot of people don’t have anyone that loves them, or that shows them love and to me that’s the most important part. Because if you don’t feel good about yourself and other people caring about you, there’s not a whole lot to life.”

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