Volunteers help make a difference by crafting items

Volunteers help make a difference by crafting items

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Dozens of volunteers designed cards and items to help make a difference in people's lives on Saturday.

They gathered at the University Center building at Southeast. At each table was a different item they could design.

This is all part of an initiative across the country called Make a Difference Day.

They designed cards for Safe House for Women, Veterans, police officers and fire fighters.

They also designed non slip socks for the Veterans at the Veterans Home in Cape Girardeau and for those at Safe House for Women.

They also put together dog toys from recycled t-shirts for the humane society.

"They're appreciated, they're noticed," Volunteer Autumn Guill said.

"We do notice that they're actually here in the community and we actually do care about them."

Many volunteers were part of the Circle K International organization at SEMO but others decided to join in and help out as well.

Many volunteers say it's a way to pay back and say thanks for all they have done for their community.

"Their really busy all the time and their always working hard and it's always nice to say thank you to anyone who's working really hard," Guill said.

The organization plans to deliver these items sometime next week.

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