Du Quoin man hopes to bring soup kitchen to the area

Soup kitchem potentially coming to Du Quoin, IL

Zane Moore is looking to open a soup kitchen in Du Quoin, Illinois.

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - "All of us have had some sort of help some way in our lives," Moore said. "And there's no one really representing the needy around here."

Moore, born and raised in Du Quoin, is the owner of the store, Grace with a Mission

"We are a non for profit, straight to the public mission," he said.

Moore said the store receives donations from people and then redistributes them to those that need it for free.

He is interested in putting a soup kitchen on the main strip as well.

"I would like it to be in the main vicinity because we're kind of a neutral area, from the south side, west side, north side," Moore explained. "We're just right here in the middle. And it's a good spot and everybody always walks up town."

While many people in the area felt a soup kitchen is a good idea, there were mixed reactions on where it should be placed.

"Definitely, especially being at that major intersection right there. I mean if it was further into town, the exposure wouldn't be there, there wouldn't be a great need," Marshala Stovall said.

"It's a good idea for the community, but I think that  I think like everybody else, that maybe we need more retail space, businesses downtown," Judy Smid said.

And while Moore said it would be great to have the soup kitchen on the main strip, he said he's not opposed at all to having it elsewhere."

"Just as long as there's somewhere to help people that don't have things," Moore said.

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