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Beetles invading homes in the Heartland

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If you've noticed infestations of beetles around your home, you're not alone.

They look like ladybugs, but they're actually an entirely different species.

They are called the Multicolored Asian lady.

Naturalists with the Missouri Department of Conservation say they are a non-native species. They were introduced in the U.S. to help farmers control crop pests.

When the weather gets cold, the beetles look for somewhere warm to spend the winter.

That can often be inside buildings and homes.

But other than being a nuisance, they won't do you much harm.

"They're not a harmful species, like termites,” naturalist Angela Pierce said. “They're not going to damage your home. The only problem is they are quite a few of them and they can give off a bad odor."

So what can you do to keep them out?

“The best thing to do is get your house sprayed down and make sure your siding is sealed up tight," Gary Schuessler, co-owner of Advanced Pest Control Systems said.

He said the beetles can be killed with common pesticides, but that will only kill existing bugs. It won't prevent others from coming.

Checking window and door screens for holes and sealing cracks around frames can help keep the beetles out as well.

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