Cape Girardeau County lifts 'no burn' advisory

'No Burn Advisory' expected for Cape Girardeau Co.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau County has lifted a "No burn Advisory" that it put into place nearly a week ago.

Fire chiefs around the county advised the Cape Girardeau County Commission to pass the ban in light of dry, windy weather conditions, going into effect on Thursday, October 22.

According to Richard Knaup, Jr, director/coordinator for the Cape Girardeau County Emergency Management, all county residents were encouraged to postpone open outdoor burning until the fire danger decreases.

If you are driving or working outdoors, the commission says to be careful where you discard smoking materials. The grass along the highways was very dry and could easily ignite.

During the advisory, the commission also said campers and hunters should use extra caution.

Knaup said the advisory would stand until they receive enough precipitation.

Fire officials say it only takes a spark in certain conditions for flames to get out of control.

"Just a gust of wind, just a second," Cape Girardeau fire inspector Capt. Ivan LaGrand said. "Even fighting grass fires. You think you have something out and you turn around and it's behind you. Even for professionals. It doesn't take a whole lot."

LaGrand said if a fire damages someone's property while a ban is in place, the person who started that fire could be held responsible for cost.

You can click here for a list of burn bans issued in the Heartland.

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