Murphysboro businesses warned about football playoff 'scam'

Murphysboro businesses warned about football playoff 'scam'

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - The Murphysboro High School Athletic Department is warning local businesses about scammers or unauthorized groups trying to capitalize on the football playoffs.

Athletic Director Len Novara reports a salesperson is contacting places trying to sell football merchandise. Novara says the salesperson misrepresents herself as being with the MHS Athletic Department.

In some of these cases, the salesperson is with a company from central Illinois trying to sell advertisement space to be printed on the 2015 MHS Red Devils football banners, posters and schedules.

However, Novara says this group is not under contract with MHS, nor will MHS receive any financial benefit.

"As the son of a home-owned Murphysboro business owner, it is a top priority for me to respect the Murphysboro businesses," Novara said in a news release. "As long as I am the athletic director at MHS, It will be important for me to spend money in Murphysboro."

Novara said he does not authorize 'outside' companies to use their name, logo, teams or schedules. Furthermore, the Red Devils Athletic Department is not affiliated with any groups trying to solicit support.

If you or your business is contacted by anyone representing the MHS Athletic Department, you are asked to call the school to check for legitimacy.

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