Workers from southern IL to protest in Springfield

Workers from southern IL to protest in Springfield

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Two busloads of protesters will roll into Springfield to speak to lawmakers this week, beginning a three-week-long protest.

The trip starts from Cairo, the southernmost tip of the state, making several stops to pick up supporters on the more than 200 mile journey.

On Monday some protesters said the four months since the budget deadline passed has been a very difficult time for many state workers.

In Williamson County, the Family Crisis Prevention Center is one of the many state-funded agencies affected.

Administrators at the shelter say the state owes them more than $100,000; more than half of the shelter's entire budget.

Protester and Cairo resident Paul Lambert says he's going because he believes the struggle is so common statewide.

"The situation's just getting worse and worse and worse by the day," Lambert explained. "but we're people too. We have rights, and we're going really to exercise our rights.""

The bus-ride from Cairo will make stops in Williamson and Jackson counties, meeting busloads of others from across the state, in Springfield.

The crisis prevention center is making ends meet with private loans.

Some political analysts say a formal spending plan isn't expected until next March.

The bus leaving Cairo on Tuesday is part of a state-wide Concerned Citizens rally which will be focusing on recent cuts to the Childcare Assistance Program.

The bill to overturn those cuts is SB570.

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