Unofficial Halloween begins this weekend in Carbondale

Unofficial Halloween starts in Carbondale

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - This is the 9th annual event in Carbondale, "Unofficial Halloween."

"It's another party weekend, but Unofficial, they really take it to the moon, I'm excited just ready to embrace everything," James Foster said.

For some, it'll be their first time being apart of the event.

"I'm looking forward to it, I've got high expectations, yeah I think it'll be a good weekend," Josh Drendel.

Last year, riots broke out, broken glass and trash sprinkled the streets, and a car was flipped over.

"Yeah, it can get pretty crazy, I saw the car get flipped over last year, I thought it was mind for a second," Ian Paoli said.

One business owner said she's not worried, but incidents like car being flipped over, can have a domino effect and possibly impact the future of Unofficial Halloween.

The Carbondale police department said there will be extra officers out this weekend, as they do every fall weekend, and do not expect any incidents.

"When they start things like that, it just mushrooms and mushrooms, until eventually it gets taken away from you cause you don't respect what they have," PKs owner, Gwen Hunt said. "Everyone tries to outdo the next one and it's unfortunate."

Memorial Hospital in Carbondale is also taking this weekend very seriously.

Officials say they do schedule additional staff this weekend to manage the high number of alcohol poisoning, high blood alcohol levels and injuries from altercations that may occur.

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