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MO lawmaker calls Gov. Nixon plan to fund stadium unconstitutional

The price for a new St. Louis Football Stadium is estimated to be $1 billion and some of that money could come out of Missourian resident’s wallets.
But some lawmakers are fighting the governor on making sure that doesn't happen.

In a letter given to Governor Jay Nixon lawmakers are criticizing his plan to use tax revenue to fund part of the new stadium.
A local representative says she signed that letter and calls what the governor is doing is unconstitutional

"What if we built it and then they went back to L.A. and we are stuck with another stadium?” said Marianne McGee.
"It seems dumb that we are building a stadium for a team that probably doesn't exist,” said Ken McGee.
Not every Rams fan is a fan of a new stadium, especially if it means having to finance the project.
"If the Rams won't sign on and say they will stay do we as taxpayers want to spend a lot of money for a stadium that we probably won't get another football team in,” said Ken Pfaff.
Some Missouri lawmakers are criticizing the governor's efforts to use taxpayer’s money to help fund the project.
Representative Donna Lichtenegger is calling the move by the governor unconstitutional and says Governor Nixon is ignoring the voters.
"Number one our letter to the governor refers to the fact that he is not following the constitution by bypassing the legislature and the other thing he is doing is discrediting the voice of the people,” said Lichtengegger.
She says the state has too many more important things to do with state money than to fund a sports complex.
"We can't even fund our colleges at the rates that we need to fund them. Nor can we fund our scholarships at the rate that we need to fund them,” she said.

National Car Rental reportedly worked out a 20-year deal, worth $158 million, for the naming rights.
Nixon calls this decision one step closer to building a stadium in St. Louis a reality.

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