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Perryville woman facing 2 more charges of attempted kidnapping

Cynthia Wofford pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Cynthia Wofford pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday, Oct. 13.
Court documents state the girls were walking home from lunch at McDonald's on Sunday afternoon when Cynthia Woffard allegedly approached them in her truck. Court documents state the girls were walking home from lunch at McDonald's on Sunday afternoon when Cynthia Woffard allegedly approached them in her truck.
Ashley Ochs, the mother of two of the three girls, credits the girls' quick thinking in preventing something much worse from happening. Ashley Ochs, the mother of two of the three girls, credits the girls' quick thinking in preventing something much worse from happening.

A Perryville, Missouri woman accused of attempting to kidnap three teenage girls in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri is facing two more charges of attempted kidnapping.

Cynthia Lou Wofford, 53, was charged earlier in October with three counts of attempted child abduction kidnapping and assault third degree.

As of Oct. 21, she faces a total of five counts of attempted kidnapping and one third degree assault charge.

She remains in the Ste. Genevieve jail.

Wofford's bond was originally set at $50,000 and was raised on Oct. 20 to $100,000. Her next court date will be Nov. 3. 

Police say Wofford drove a pickup onto grass Sunday afternoon, Oct. 11 in Ste. Genevieve, nearly hitting three girls, ages 12 and 13. She allegedly made bizarre comments to the girls, telling them among other things that she was looking for a girl who went missing in Fredericktown in 1989, a reference to Gina Dawn Brooks, who was never found.

A bystander intervened and the girls ran to one of their homes. The father of two of the girls tried to stop the pickup, but it got away. Wofford was arrested eight miles away. Police say she had knife, plastic tarps and two shovels in the truck.

Two of those girls and their mother talked about the ordeal.

Their mother, Ashley Ochs, said the girls were shaken, but lucky nothing worse came of it.

"A lot of things go through your head," Ashley Ochs said. "When your oldest daughter says the last thing she remembers seeing is shovels in the back of her truck and then they process as to what's coming out of her mouth, it's devastating. I never dreamt it would be us this would happen to."

She credits them with quick thinking.

"They kind of thought it was freaky, what she was saying, but when Haley eyed those shovels in the back of her truck she was like, this is not connecting well, we need to get out of here," Ochs, said.

Needless to say, the whole situation scared the girls and their families.

"They came barreling through the front door. All of them crying, hysterical, saying this lady tried to take them. They were a mess," Ochs said.

"I didn't want to go to my room by myself. I didn't even walk out of the bedroom without anyone with me. It's just scary," one of the three girls, Taylor Kinser, said.

Before allegedly trying to kidnap the three teen girls, Wofford was allegedly involved in another incident.

On Oct. 13 police received a call from a woman saying she talked to a woman, later identified as Wofford, at church on Sunday, Oct. 11 who she believed tried to kidnap two of her children.

According to the woman, Wofford said she had corrected one of the woman's children, but that she "did it in love."

The woman said she later learned from her children that Wofford allegedly asked on two occasions to be left along with the twin boys.

Wofford allegedly asked the woman's older daughter, who was watching the boys, to go inside and get the preacher's wife. This would have left the boys alone with Wofford. The girl refused twice to leave.

Possible connection to Fredericktown cold case?

According to police, Wofford also mentioned Gina Dawn Brooks during an interview with them.

Gina Dawn Brooks is a 14-year-old girl who went missing from the Fredericktown, Mo. area in 1989. Investigators believe she was kidnapped and murdered, although her body was never found and no charges have ever been filed in the case.

Wofford mentioning the the unsolved case caught the attention of detectives and prompted them to make sure there wasn't any connections.

We talked to Ste. Genevieve Police Chief Eric Bennett. He said when cold cases are mentioned, they are taken very seriously.

"I've also contacted Chief Hovis with the Fredericktown Police Department to make him aware of it," Chief Bennett said. "They're going to look back through and see if there's any ties whatsoever to this investigation. So it's obviously something we take very serious and we want to make sure that if there's a stone left unturned, we want to look under and see what's going on and see if we cant get some resolution to that case. That would be phenomenal."

According to Bennett, Fredericktown is still looking into that case to see if there is any connection.

Court document details on alleged attempted kidnapping of twin boys

According to the probable cause statement, a girl was watching her twin brothers outside of the Remnant Church when a woman pulled up. The girl said the woman had her hazard lights on and pulled in the wrong way.

The woman, later identified as Wofford, allegedly asked if church was over and the girl answered "yes."

Wofford then allegedly asked about the preacher's wife, telling the girl she was the preacher's wife's friend and asking the girl to go get her.

Wofford allegedly told the girl that she was Christian and that it was ok to leave the boys with her. She allegedly told the girl that she was an expert at training kids the girl's age and corrected one of the little boys.

When the girl refused a second time to go get the preacher's wife and leave the two boys, the girl said Wofford became mad and went inside the church.

Wofford allegedly came right back out and told the girl and twin boys' mother that she had corrected the girl with the boy. Wofford then left.

Court document details on alleged attempted kidnapping of 3 teen girls

According to the probable cause statement, on Oct. 11 at around 1:11 p.m. officers were dispatched to Valley Springs Trail in Ste. Genevieve County for a report of an attempted kidnapping.

The court documents state that the caller reported that a woman driving a blue Dodge Ram with Missouri license plates tried to kidnap her children.

According to the caller, the children were walking home when the woman tried to get the children into the vehicle with her.

While officers were on their way to the scene, dispatch reported that the truck was trying to leave the subdivision.

When the officer arrived, he met with the woman who reported the incident and the three victims, identified as two sisters and their friend.

The woman said the three girls were walking back to her home from McDonald's and were walking on the sidewalk, by Highway M, in Ste. Genevieve County, when they saw a blue pickup going southbound on State Route M travel across the northbound lane, leave the road and carelessly drive onto the grassy area in front of a leather business.

The truck allegedly nearly hit them and pulled up as if the driver was trying to block them so they couldn't go anywhere.

All of the children gave statements to authorities saying the woman talked to them about how they can trust her, that she was looking for three little girls that looked just like them and a girl who was missing from Fredericktown.

The woman allegedly went on to tell them her mother died 12 years ago and allegedly asked how they would feel if their mother died.

One of the girls said the woman had shovels in her truck.

In the probable cause statement, the little girl said "It was so creepy. She had like a shovel and some tarps in her back."

According to the probable cause statement, a bystander who was at the leather business and knew the three girls, saw the truck parked and talking to the girls. He said he thought it was suspicious and began walking to the truck to make sure the girls were safe.

As he approached, the woman allegedly began pulling away from the scene.

He said he told the girls to go home and contacted their father to make him aware of the situation.

After the girls ran from the scene, down Valley Springs Trail, trying to get home, the bystander said he learned the woman had left the leather business parking lot and had turned down Valley Springs Trail. He said he got into his truck and started toward Valley Springs Trail to try to find the woman.

Two of the girls' father said his daughters and their friend ran into the house, visibly shaken. He said they were crying and trembling.

According to the probable cause statement, while the girls were telling him what happened, he looked up and saw the suspect vehicle, so he ran out to confront the driver, later identified as Cynthia Wofford.

The man said he yelled for the truck to stop, which it did. He said Wofford stopped and rolled down her window, so he went over to talk to her.

He said as he approached her to ask what was going on, she told him she was lost.

After more questions, the man said Wofford left the area.

According to the probable cause, an officer caught up to the truck on Route M at Route J and Route N. He then attempted to pull the truck over, but said the driver did not immediately yield and continued on Route N, across the overpass of Interstate 55 and onto New Bremen Road.

The officer said the truck eventually stopped in a parking space, along the south side of a business on New Bremen Road.

The officer identified the driver as Wofford.

He said when he asked her why she was talking to the girls and what she had said to them, she replied "Gina Dawn Brooks."

When asked to elaborate, she allegedly said, "I educate children about Gina Dawn Brooks, are you familiar with her?"

While searching her vehicle, the probable cause statement says the officer found a razor blade style utility knife on the floor board near the four-wheel drive shift lever. The officer described the knife as yellow, with a razor blade that was approximately 4 inches and was exposed.

In the floor board of the passenger side, the officer found two blue 6 ft. X 8 ft. plastic tarps, which were in their original packaging, and inside of a Tractor Supply Store bag.

He said there were two shovels and various other tools in the exterior bed of the truck.

It is also noted in the probable cause statement that there were pieces of duct tape on the truck with writing on them.

According to the statement, on the truck's tailgate there was a piece of purple duct tape applied over a piece of pink duct tape. The purple tape said "Royal" and the pink tape below it said "Girls." On the driver side of the truck bed, there was allegedly writing that said "Happy Day Cindy Cindy."

According to the probable cause statement, while interviewing Wofford, police asked if she tried to abduct any children. She allegedly stated, "No. I just got out of church, okay? I just came from one of your churches from friends of 25 years, and I was on the way to a chili party, and I was trying to find this house, that...I was on the wrong side of town once I figured out where I was at."

When officers said they were investigating the attempted abduction of children, she allegedly said, "And you need to. And I thank you."

According to the probable cause statement, the interview ended after Wofford allegedly told the officer that she "had an anger problem," and didn't want to take it out on him, and said she wanted an attorney.

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