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Historic landmark for sale in Anna, IL


It’s one of the oldest landmarks in Anna, Illinois that has stood tall through years of historical change; and now it’s up for sale.

It’s called the keyhole house, located at 506 S. Main St., for its unique architecture of the window shaped like a keyhole.

The house has been around for more than a century; and businessman Jason Short said he wants it to continue to stand tall for years to come.

“I was given an opportunity to bring it back to greatness so I was so happy to take something that’s a landmark in our town,” Short said.

Short purchased this historic home five years ago, hoping to restore it.

“A house has character, so when I came into the house and originally saw the shape that it was in and what needed to happen to it, I saw it was an opportunity that you could bring this thing back to a wonderful, enjoyable house to character that you can’t buy anymore,” Short said. “It’s built into it. I wanted to make sure when we redesigned it, that we kept that feeling.”

Short said the house was built in 1890 by a banker who once fought in the Civil War.

With electric, plumbing and heat needing to be fixed, Short said he and his team had been extensively working on the house, but didn’t see it as a challenge.

“I saw it more as an opportunity,” Short said. “That this could be something great, or that it was something great and could be great now.”

Short said he has hopes the new owners will know how much of a landmark the home is to the area.

“I hope it is held with the prestige that it was held since I was a kid,” he said with a smile on his face. “Everyone in Union County knows that this house is a part of our history.”

Short said the home has been on the market for a few months now.

It was originally for $199,000, but Short said the price will be brought down to $187,000 starting on Tuesday.

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