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STUDY: Snapping a picture a day can make you happier

(Source: Alliston Twaits, KFVS) (Source: Alliston Twaits, KFVS)

Sharing your day to day activities is easier than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites are like a history book of your day to day life and for those that like to snap record of the little things in life, researchers at Harvard University say receive unexpected benefit according to several new studies.

"Although documenting everyday activities may seem trivial, four studies reveal that creating records of the present generates unexpected benefits by allowing future rediscoveries," researchers wrote in the Harvard study "A 'Present' for the Future: The Unexpected Value of Rediscovery."

The research looked at recording life events and people rediscovering them. Researchers found that people underestimate the value of day-to-day events.

"Underestimating the value of rediscovery is linked to people's erroneous faith in their memory of everyday events," researchers wrote.

Documenting the present allows folks to take a look back at simple moments that would otherwise be forgotten, researchers say moments that often mean much more when rediscovered.

Social media user and a 21-year-old student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Garrett Lindgren, said social media is like a digital scrapbook.

"You’re just kind of letting everyone see your scrap book. I think it’s always been done," Lindgren said. "People have just always documented their activities and always wanted to share them."

Lindgren a Cary, Ill. native and Junior studying mass communications took a walk with his girlfriend Kaigen through SIUC campus Sunday. The two took several photos to catch the moment.

“When people post there mundane to the internet and go look back on it -- it makes it look more a lot more glamorous than it was when it actually happened in the moment," Lindgren said.

He said he only posts about once a week. Lindgren said he takes time when posting and each photo means something special. However, he said he checks social media daily to stay up to date with friends.

“It’s entertaining to see but sometimes I don’t like my whole life out there for everybody to see," Lindgren said.

Researchers conducted four studies before arriving at their conclusion; Underestimating the Value of Rediscovery, Rediscovering Ordinary Versus Extraordinary Experiences, Rediscovering an Ordinary Day Versus Valentine’s Day, and Forgoing Rediscovery.

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