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Stainless Steel Magic Wipes

Does it Work Wednesday

Stainless Steel Magic Wipes
By: Amy Jacquin

"It leaves a protective shield that repels water, reduces finger marks, and makes routine cleaning easier," our volunteer reads off the Stainless Steel Magic Wipes bottle.

You get 35 pre-moistened wipes for about $3.50. Directions simply say to wipe with the grain, and then buff to a high luster with a clean soft cloth.

"Stainless steel is hard to clean," Valentina Tedford shrugs her shoulders.

All Valentina's appliances are stainless steel. So she's used to finger prints, water spots, and streaking.

"It's leaving streaks," she says as she wipes the refrigerator. "I see where I didn't get even coverage."

We can really see the spots Valentina missed the first time, so she tries it again.

"I like the shine," she stresses. "It sure leaves a good shine."

But there is still some streaking. We discover you can't just spot-clean part of the appliance, because the streaking gets worse. You have to cover the entire piece for more uniform shine.

"I like how it feels," she adds. "It feels clean, and slick."

Valentina admits the wipes are easier to use once she got a feel for even coverage.

"The important thing is you don't want to re-use a towel because, if it's too dry, it promotes smudging," she says. "Get a fresh towel each time."

Within minutes, all Valentina's appliances are clean and shiny with a few streaks.

"It's better than anything I've used so far," she says. "Stainless steel is hard to clean. But this removes finger prints and it takes off water marks. It cleaned them, and it leaves a good shine."

So occasional streaking is the only thing holding this product back from a top grade. Still, it does well and we give Magic Wipes a B+.

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