Large Reward Offered in Vet Clinic Dog Shootings

Large Reward Offered in Vet Clinic Dog Shootings
By: Arnold Wyrick
MARION, IL --This is about as bizarre a story of animal cruelty as you may ever hear about. Police in Marion , Illinois say someone broke into a local veterinarian clinic shooting two dogs, killing one of them, and left. The pet killing took place overnight between February 28th, and the morning of March 1st, at the Little Egypt Veterinary Clinic.
Now there's been an outpouring of support from the Marion community, for two dogs shot in the Little Egypt Veterinarian Clinic. The national chapter of the Humane Society, and the Bank of Marion are putting up thousands of dollars for any information leading to the suspects arrest and conviction.
Cole, a black Labrador, didn't survive the brutal attack. But a 2-year-old Sharpei did, and Meng finally got to go home to his owners late last week.
Now with the reward money being offered Doctor James Parker is hopeful someone will come forward.
"I hope that will be enough to get somebody to give us some information. It's a shame that things come to the fact that we've got to pay somebody to speak up, and stand up for what's right. But if that's what it takes, then hopefully this will bring out some information," Doctor Parker said.
The local chapter of the Humane Society in Carbondale supports any efforts being made to find who shot the two dogs while being boarded at the Marion clinic.
"The public needs to be made aware that it was a senseless act. And by offering a reward it may prompt somebody to come forward with information on what happened," says Karen Mullins Director of the Humane Society of Southern Illinois.
The amount being offered is $2,500. And the Bank of Marion has also set up an account for any donations people may want to make to bring the suspect to justice.
To make a donation all you have to do is go to any Bank of Marion branch office and ask that the money be put into the account called "Reward for Shot Dogs" in Marion.
If you have any information about this pet killing at the Little Egypt Veterinary Clinic, please call the Marion Police Department at (618) 993-2124.