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AAP: Screen time for kids might not be so bad


Hopefully some new guidelines help you feel a little less guilty about giving you toddler your smart phone or tablet to play games on.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says they've changed their guidelines when it comes to kids and screen time.

The old guidelines discouraged parents from letting kids, under the age of two, have any screen time.

Today they are more in line with the digital age.

Social Media is all around us and it's likely all around your kids too.

Whether it’s for school or for play, your kid is likely to have some screen time every day.

Studies show more than 30 percent of U.S. children first play with a mobile device when they still are in diapers, according to Common Sense Media.

Almost 75 percent of 13-17-year-olds have smart phones, and 24 percent admit using their phones almost constantly.

So, in a world where "screen time" is becoming simply "time," the policies are evolving into the digital age.

AAP recommends parents be the parent and be a role model. Limit your own media use and set an example for the family.

Content matters, they say. The quality of content is more important than how much time your child spends using a tablet.

Be engaged when your kids are using technology.

"Family participation is a must. Make it a bonding experience."

And it's ok for your teen to be online. Teach your teen appropriate behaviors that apply in both the real and online worlds.

AAP says that doesn't mean our kids should be glued to screens all day. Make sure they're getting plenty of screen-free playtime in, and always keep the family dinner unplugged.

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