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Gamers share thoughts on first-person shooting games


Video games, specifically violent video games featuring first-person shooting, have been controversial over recent years. But one study says they can be good for you.

According to the study out of Wisconsin, these games can improve perception cognition and critical thinking.

We talked with employee Ethan Craigmiles at Gaming Grounds in Cape Girardeau.

He said a lot of games have benefits to them, including first-person shooter games.

"You have to know it's not good shooting people," Craigmiles said. "I think it does have beneficial possibilities with the cognitive skills."

Many at Gaming Grounds were playing various types of games on different platforms. The employees and customers are gamers. and feel they benefit in many different ways when playing.

They say the games can help you develop socially because you work with other players online and work as a team.

"Thanks to the internet, we're so interconnected and friendships can spawn from that," Craigmiles said.

All in all, Craigmiles said you have to be an adult when playing these first-person shooting games and focus on the good you can take away from a simulated world.

"Games are just a way to just get out there and experience something different," Craigmiles said. "I think people can benefit from that."

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