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SLIDESHOW: Acronyms teens use on social media

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Can you decipher your teen's social media posts? Many parents most likely have no idea what the acronyms mean.

CNN conducted a two-year investigation that connected with 200 eighth-graders at eight different schools around the United States. CNN studied 150,000 posts made by the 13-year-olds on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook over a six-month period and came up with 23 of the more popular acronyms and sayings.

Check out some of the top acronyms/saying for kids in the slideshow at the top of the page. Mobile users click here to see 26 of the most common lingo.

Here are 10 of the top acronyms/sayings:

  1. HMU - Hit me up -- Usually asking for someone's Snapchat username, a phone number to text or for a direct message
  2. Smash - I would have sex with you -- A girl might post a provocative picture and a boy might write "smash."
  3. Cook session - When one or several teens gang up on another kid on social media
  4. TBH - To be honest -- A teen might post a picture of himself or herself and ask for a TBH, usually looking for positive responses.
  5. OOMF - One of my followers -- A secretive way to talk about one of their followers without saying their name, such as "OOMF was so hot today."
  6. BAE - Baby -- affectionate term for someone's girlfriend, boyfriend etc.
  7. BMS - Broke my scale -- A way to say they like the way someone looks
  8. RDH - Rate date hate -- As in "rate me, would you date me, do you hate me?" A typical response might be "rate 10 date yes hate no" or "10/y/n."
  9. 17. FML - F*** my life
  10. 18. AF - As f*** -- A teen might tweet "mad af" or "you seem chill af."

For more acronyms, click here to read CNN's full story. has an extensive list of acronyms and shorthand. 

Parents can download an app called TeenSafe which allows you to see messages, texts and internet activity on their phone. There is a charge, but the site says more than a half million parents have already signed up.

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