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Study: Teens access social media hundreds of times a day

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A new study by CNN shows teens may be using social networking sites more than ever before.

The study, which aired Monday night, interviewed hundreds of teens who say they access multiple social media sites sometimes hundreds of times a day.

Smart phones and apps make it even easier for teens to connect digitally.

That can be a daunting task for any parent to keep up with to make sure their kids stay safe.

Family experts say simply talking with them about their social media presence can go a long way.

"Coming back to that relationship, not to be a helicopter parent but to talk to [your kids] about their social reputation online,” clinical psychologist Dr. David Van Pelt said. “Online reputation is an important factor because that online reputation often precedes them."

With kids able to access more from an early age, experts suggest having the social media talk sooner rather than later.

Some suggest to take it a step further and set up your own account as parents on the sites your kids use to get a feel for how they work and see what your kids are posting.

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