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Man accused of burglary shows up on police chief's front porch


Generally speaking, when someone commits a crime they try to avoid contact with police, but one man in the Heartland is accused of stealing from a convenience store then showing up on the police chief’s front porch.

”He said that I looked familiar,” said Metropolis Police Chief Harry Masse. "But he didn’t put it together, and then after we’d had him secured he said something like ‘I knew I should have run.’”

It all started early Friday morning at a time Metropolis Police Chief Harry Masse might usually think is too early.

“I hadn’t even had my coffee yet, and I’m usually a bear without my coffee.” Masse said. “I was getting ready for work, so I had basketball shorts on and that was it. I didn’t have a shirt on, I didn’t have shoes on…“

What he found on his porch was 30-year-old Joshua Richardson shivering from the cold, and asking to use the phone.

Before handing over the receiver, Masse called the police station.

“The Dollar General had been broken into, and they were processing the scene.” Masse said. “One of our officers told me on the phone the video from the store, his clothing matches the description of the guy on my porch.”

The chief then offered the possible crook a ride into town, but as they approached the chief’s driveway, several squad cars pulled in.

Authorities suspect Richardson stole parts of a stereo from the Dollar General convenience store just west of downtown Metropolis, and walked two miles to Masse’s home.

Masse says what made the encounter a real surprise was what else was on the porch.

“My wife put some decorations up, just last week” Masse explained.

Following a national string of officer-involved shootings, blue flags, ribbons, and and other signs of support for the ‘boys-in-blue’ are an increasingly common sight across the country.

“We’re starting to hear from the silent majority who actually support law enforcement and the things we do, “ Masse said, “And hey, sometimes we get lucky.”

Richardson was also wanted in Wisconsin for a parole violation with the Department of Corrections.

As of Sunday night, Richardson was in the Massac County Jail awaiting formal charges.

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