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Williamson County scam warning


A couple scam alerts for Williamson County. 

The first scam is a phone scam that is a variety of the IRS/Federal Warrant scam. 

Through this scam, the scammer claims to the victim that there is an active Federal Warren for several charges for them, and says if they don't send money to them though a transfer service the Sheriff's Office will come to arrest them.

The phone scam shows as a number appearing to be the Williamson Country Sheriff's Office or the Williamson County Courthouse.

Arrest Warrents are never handled this way.

Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick warns that any attempt to send money through Western Union or any other money-transfer service is most likely a scam. 

A second scam involves Facebook. 

Hackers gain access to a person's Facebook account, then use that account's friends and contacts to send out messages about Federal Grant Opportunities. 

The messages then direct possible victims to another Facebook page that gives details about the mentioned Federal Grants.

The page claims that approval for the Grants is automatic, and that Facebook user will receive a $100,000.00 grant when they simply send in a $300 application fee through a money-transfer service.

People who send in this fee are then contacted and prompted for more money to handle processing fees or "Customs issues."

Sheriff Vick says that legitimate State and Federal Grants have an extensive application process that does not include Facebook.


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