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MoDOT blames deer for typo

(Source: MoDOT) (Source: MoDOT)

The Missouri Department of Transportation recently learned typos will not go unnoticed on social media. 

In a post on its Facebook page, MoDOT posted a photo to raise awareness about deer on Missouri's roadways. 

The picture featured two deer near a highway with one of the animals saying "Alright, two points for red cars. Trucks are five points and convertables are worth ten." 

It didn't take long for the spelling police to notice the mistake. 

"That's not how 'convertible' is spelled," one person posted

"Convertibles, not convertables. It's sad to see our own state government can't spell correctly!" another posted. 

Rather than fix the mistake MoDOT opted to pass the buck to the deer. 

The department edited the post with an update: 

"We have noticed the spelling error of convertibles. We spoke with the deer about it and they informed us that due to this typo convertibles will only be worth seven points and are embarrassed by the error. Please watch out for deer!"

The original post is meant to warn drivers that cooler weather combined with bow season has deer on the move, urging drivers to be cautious. 

The typo may have actually helped spread the message. 

Since it was posted on September 30, the post has been shared more than 9,600 times and counting. 

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