Does It Work: Bit360

KELSO, MO (KFVS) - Do you have a long list of home improvement projects around your house? The Bit360 claims to put the power of six screwdrivers in the palm of your hand, but does it work?

To test this one, we turned to Jeremy Glastetter, who is no stranger to odd jobs. His business, Precise Assemblies specializes in assembling those "assembly required" products around the house.

Lately, Glastetter's been putting in overtime at home  working to get his home ready for a new arrival. His wife Colleen Glastetter is due to deliver their first child in December and Glastetter's "honey-do" list is growing every day.

"Every time I complete one project she adds two more to the list," Glastetter said.

Glastetter has a lot to do and he wants to be efficient. So, he's willing to give a product called Bit360 a turn to see if it can make his life easier.

The commercial for Bit360 claims you can switch between bits and screw in several different sized screws within seconds.

Glastetter already owned two similar multi-bit screwdrivers: an Autoloader and a Craftsman, but the Bit360 is definitely a different design.

"A benefit to this one, it may actually be quicker to get your bits out," said Glastetter referring to the removable, revolver-type bit holder.

But early on, Glastetter finds a design feature he's not so sure about.

"I can already tell from the design that it's made from what I would consider cheaper plastic," Glastetter said. "Also, if you don't have this cartridge in exactly the right spot it's kind of hard to turn."

Glastetter tries to change from bit to bit, but had a bit of trouble.

"It's kind of finicky," said Glastetter.

Once Glastetter gets the bit he wants in place, it's on to that honey-do list.

"This is just a small project my wife wants done," Glastetter said. "It's just a coat rack."

As Glastetter screwed in six screws holding three coat hangers on the rack, he noticed another potential issue with Bit360.

"I can see this protruding chamber would be sort of a problem if the hangers came out further," Glastetter said. "I do like the rubber handle, though. That's nice."

Glastetter made short work of the project wrapping up in less than five minutes.

"It worked well," Glastetter said. "For a small project like this I would expect nothing less."

Then, when Glastetter tried to change the bit again, Bit360 hit a snag.

"It's stuck," said Glastetter.

When he tried to turn the revolving chamber and push the Bit360 back into place for use, one of the bits flew out of the top.

"I'll tell you what I just don't like this thing," said Glastetter. "There goes another bit."

We head out to Glastetter's workshop to test the speed of Bit360. In our screwdriver time trials, Glastetter tore through six bits on his trusty Autoloader screwdriver in 7.18 seconds. It took Glastetter 11.05 seconds to get through all six bits on Bit360, and Glastetter had a harder time getting some of the bits in place.

"I wouldn't buy this," said Glastetter. "It wouldn't last a day with me."

Glastetter said he prefers his other two auto-loading screwdrivers and is willing to pay a couple more dollars extra for a higher quality tool.

We purchased Bit360 at Walmart for $9.88. The Autoloader is available online at for $13.89 and the Craftsman version is available at Sears for $14.88.

Glastetter gave Bit360 2.5 stars on this Does it Work test.

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