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Consolidation of 3 towns being considered in Iron Co., MO


The three towns of Arcadia, Ironton and Pilot Knob make up an area referred to as Arcadia Valley.

Separately each town has a small population. Those populations include: Arcadia with 608, Ironton with 1,460 and Pilot Knob with 746.

If consolidated, the new town would have a population of 2,814.

The Arcadia Valley Consolidation Committee is pushing to combine the three towns. After getting enough names on board with each community, the goal would be to put it on the ballot next April.

This isn't the first time an attempt has been made to unite these three towns though.

People we talked with are torn. Some say they are for the consolidation, while others are against it.

Those that are against it say consolidating would dissolve the history and the personality of the towns. Each town has its own historic values, and people fear many won't know how the towns have evolved and how they got their name.

Those for the consolidation say they are for growth and believe consolidating will benefit the area as a whole as far as more business, creation of jobs and more tourism.

Ironton Mayor Bob Lourwood said he is for consolidation.

Lourwood said the three towns have dwindled in population throughout the years and that it's beneficial for everyone that they unite together so they can rebound and grow again.

"The community needs to be one," Lourwood said. "We need to be together, have the same focus and the same commitments."

Both sides agree that there are unanswered questions, and also hiccups, if they were to consolidate. People said they were concerned with what would happen to each town's government jobs.

"There will be layoffs," Mike Garner of Arcadia said. "We can't have three mayors for one town if it does become Arcadia Valley. So a lot of people are going to lose jobs which isn't good. But in the long run it will probably be better for everybody."

"Today there is no considerate effort within the three governments of doing things," Lourwood said. "I may be doing something here in Ironton with the Ironton aldermen that is counter-productive to what they are doing in Pilot Knob or what they're doing in Arcadia.

"Because there is no coordinated effort, we don't know if we are moving together or if we are moving separately. So if we are consolidated, they we have a united front."

The committee has planned a meeting to be held at the Arcadia Valley Middle School in the cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 1. At the meeting they plan to address questions people have, help clear up any concerns and hear what citizens of the three towns have to say.

We asked many people what they felt the new town would be called if it were to consolidate. Everyone assumed it would be called Arcadia Valley.

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