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New iOS 9 feature could hurt your pocketbook


The new iPhone iOS 9 upgrade has a lot of new features, but there's one that could upgrade your charges quite a bit.

It's called Wi-Fi Assist, a new feature  tech experts say could hurt your pocketbooks if you're not careful.

The new features of iOS 9 have people talking.

"I do love the iOS 9, it's definitely, it's tailored so that you can do more things, the iPhone knows more about your locations and stuff," SIU senior, Shantel Franklin said.

"Well it really ruined my data," SIU freshman, Libby Dwyer said.

For Dwyer, one feature skyrocketed her family's data plan.

"I'm on a family plan, so I got in a little bit of trouble," Dwyer said. " I mean all I did was update. I mean I just did what I normally do."

The feature, called WI-Fi Assist is one that turns on by default, automatically turning on cell data when WI-Fi connectivity is poor.

"Users are encountering if they have weak Wi-Fi signals in their homes or it gets spotty , the phone can automatically jump over to their LTE package," technical director for SI Network Consultants, Benjamin Minton said.

One that create a higher bill because the usage is so high.

"They think their phones are working great and loving iOS 9, but what they don't know is they're relying on their cell phone data for all of their data instead of being able to use the Wi-Fi," Minton said. "There's not a clean cutoff."

Tech experts say the feature is great for those who have large data plans and need to be constantly connected.

"For heavy users who constantly experience a disconnect, you know, they need the data, they're on a call, they're trying to get emails as they breach their office doors and they're transitioning from their Wi-Fi to their cellular connection, it's amazing because it does make it a lot more fluid," Minton said.

There is a way to turn off this feature so you won't see your charges skyrocket.

Go to settings, click on Cellular, scroll down until you see "WI-Fi Assist" and switch it to off.

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