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New hospital opens doors in Pinckneyville, IL


The long-awaited $31 million hospital in Pinckneyville, Illinois is officially accepting patients as of Monday.

As staff at the Pinckneyville community hospital welcomed the new building’s first patients, they were reaching the end of a 12-year-long ordeal.

“It’s the day we’ve been waiting for a long time to come," explained CEO Randall Dauby. "We’re just excited to just be finally making that move.”

Administrators say the vitals of the old buildings were fading fast.

“One of them is 40 years old,  the other 50, and we were having ongoing problems with the major infrastructure, the plumbing, etc," explained project organizer, and former CEO Tom Hudgens on Monday. "At some point in time there was going to be a major failure in one of [the old systems,] that probably would have caused a shutdown of the hospital for some period of time.”

Patients were transferred one-by-one to the new hospital, mostly by ambulance.

“We’re gonna be glad to get out of here in a little bit," said PCH registered nurse Mary Faulkner.

Faulkner worked in the old building for ten years before the move.

“I’m excited for the move, I’m usually not a fan of change, but I am excited,” she said.

Administrators say many improvements are in the architecture; all services are in the same building, and there’s also a helipad just outside the door.

“[At the old facility] we actually had to land out at the practice field at the high school which is on the east end of town," said flight paramedic Dan Stowers. "We then had to take an ambulance out to the hospital on the other end of town so we had a delay of probably five to seven minutes each way.”

The new building has 17 private rooms, a new layout that offers access to primary care, clinics and services all through the lobby, along with a larger emergency room and trauma room. 

Construction crews broke ground on the new hospital in March of 2014, and originally planned to open the hospital in July of 2015, but administrators say minor violations of state building codes held things up.

The hospital started moving departments on Sept.14.

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