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Speaker Boehner's seat could be tough one to fill


With this being one of the most powerful seats in government, director for the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, David Yepsen said it's not going to be an easy one to fill.

Speaker Boehner was first elected to Congress in 1990 and took the Speaker of the House position in January 2011.

While it is surprising Speaker Boehner announced his resignation, Yepsen said it's not unexpected. 

"I think he came to the realization that this caucus was out of control, that he couldn’t control him," he explained. "And I think part of it was, 'to heck with this job, if they don’t want me as their leader then they can find someone else.'"

With Speaker Boehner's seat soon to be up for grabs, Yepsen said it will create quite a bit of confusion and and be even more difficult for Congress to get things done.

"He had a real revolt among his caucus, among his most Conservative members," Yepsen said. "He's out, now who's going to be able to able to bring them together with the democrats and the moderate republicans? It's not clear."

Yepsen said they're unsure how long it will take to find a replacement for Speaker Boehner's position.

Speaker Boehner will finish out his term until the end of October. 

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