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2 arrested in Perryville on kidnapping, robbery charges

Kaitlyn M. Martin (Source: Perryville Police Department) Kaitlyn M. Martin (Source: Perryville Police Department)
Jeffery S. Franks (Source: Perryville Police Department) Jeffery S. Franks (Source: Perryville Police Department)

Two people in Perryville are facing robbery and kidnapping charges after they allegedly kidnapped a man and forced him to withdraw money from an ATM and give it to them.

Officials say an officer was patrolling an area around Perry County Lake on September 15 when he heard someone yelling for help.

The officer responded to the man, who told police he had just been robbed.

The man said that he had received a call around 10:30 p.m. on his work phone from a woman, claiming to be working at MotoMart in Perryville, who said the gas pumps weren't working and that they needed someone to come work on them.

The man said that when he showed up to work on the pumps around 45 minutes later, he noticed that they seemed to be working fine.

As he parked his car to go inside and speak to a manager, that's when he says a man came to his driver's side window, brandishing a gun, and told the man to unlock the passenger door so that he could get in.

Once inside, the armed man instructed the victim to follow a silver car that was in front of them, which he described as a 90s model Pontiac.

The victim described the gunman as approximately 5'5" with a heavier build.

The men followed the car to Perry County Lake, where the victim says he was instructed to park his car, take his shirt off and lie down in the back of the other car.

The driver of the car, who the victim described as a woman approximately 5'7" tall, also with a heavier build, was then instructed by the armed man to drive to an ATM.

The victim says that's where he was instructed to pull money from the ATM and give to the armed man.

After pulling the money out of the account, he was taken back to the lake.

The victim says he was dropped off far from his car and was given instructions on how to get back to it.

Evidence collected at the scene included a black BB pistol, a white and black handkerchief, an orange and green baseball cap, and a light-grey hooded sweatshirt, among other items of clothing.

Police contacted officials at First State Community Bank in Perryville, where the ATM was located, where they watched security footage that showed video of the reported robbery.

Police were also able to find a vehicle that matched the description and video evidence, parked at a duplex in Perryville.

They then spoke to the residents of the apartment that the car was parked outside of, identified as Franks and Martin.

Officials say Martin told them that the car was hers and that she was the only one who drove it.

When asked about her whereabouts on the night of the alleged robbery, Martin said she and Franks were just driving around town before going to Walmart.

Police say a look at the call log for the victim's work phone shows that the phone call he received the night of the robbery came from a number that Martin confirmed was her own.

The Perry County Prosecuting Attorney has charged both Franks and Martin with robbery and kidnapping.

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