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SEMO's Chandra Brown will be blogging on through the postseason tournaments. Check back as Chandra posts from the road for an exclusive look "Inside the Game".
Thursday, March 3:
The bus ride was just like any other. All business as usual. As a team we know we aren't on a field trip.

Once we got to Nashville we had shoot around at the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Once again it was relaxed and realitively short.

At the OVC Banquet we found out that Tatiana (Conceicao) was named OVC Player of the Year. I can't say how much I am proud of her, we all are. She deserved it, we wouldn't be where we are at now without her.

Yeah, we were a little disappointed that no other players were named to any of the OVC Teams, but we have a bigger prize in mind and we know we have to check the egos if we are going to win the Tourney.

After the banquet the seniors (Brandi Russia, Miah Shelford and myself) grabbed the rest of the team to remind them to focus at the task at hand.

Time to get a good night's sleep and prepare for Tech tomorrow.
Wednesday, March 2:
After our win over Samford we knew we had some practicing to do. We can't make those type of mistakes that we had vs Samford against a team like Tennessee Tech.

Overall we had a good practice, especially after a game. We were intense and had an attitude of all business. Coach B.J. (Smith) was really intense during the session. He told us that everyone has to focus and step up and take responcibility.

Now we have to rest up for tomorrow's trip to Nashville.
Tuesday, March 1:

I won't lie and say that we weren't nervous at the beginning of the game and it showed in the first half. We didn't play our best half of the year and BJ (Head Coach) let us know that but he also kept us motivated.

In the second half I think we challenged each other and that was the difference. Tatiana (Conceicao) was huge for us down the stretch, taking and making the huge shots.

When that final buzzer went off after Samford took that final shot and it was great. The fans were great and they played a huge difference especially the final two minutes.

Hopefully we got the bad game out of our system and leave that game in the past and prepare for Tennessee Tech on Friday.