Does It Work: Gadget Grab

Does It Work: Gadget Grab

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do you ever wish you could prop up your Smartphone or tablet without worrying it'll slip and fall?

The Gadget Grab claims to instantly grip your devices making them totally hands free, but Does It Work?

The commercial for Gadget Grab claims the product is the most versatile hands-free stand guaranteed to grip any tablet and stick to any surface. To test out the claims we enlisted the help of techie/college student Jim Pieper.

The Gadget Grab box includes one full-sized tablet stand and a "bonus" Gadget Grab phone stand. Both stuck easily and firmly to the wooden kitchen table.

"You can't push it aside or anything," said Pieper. "I can't even pull it up. It says if it's too sticky you're supposed to apply it to your clothes to get lint on it. But I probably don't want to do that with the bottom pad."

To test out the full-size version, we used an older-model iPad and a smaller Nook tablet. To test out the cell phone stand we used Pieper's Smartphone.

 At first Pieper had trouble getting the iPad with its clunky Otterbox case to stick, but with a little re-positioning he did manage to get it to work.

"I think for basic use it would be alright although it's wobbling quite a bit," said Pieper. "I think that could be a problem if you can't focus because it's wobbling like that."

We tried the Nook next. It's about half the size of the iPad and Pieper hopes that means it will bounce less when used on the Gadget Grab. No such luck. Pieper found the Nook jiggled nearly as much on the Gadget Grab whenever he touched the screen or swiped to turn the page of an e-book.

"I suppose if you were preparing food or something at the same time then I think it would be helpful, you may have to steady it every time you turn the page though," Pieper said.

Next we tried out the Gadget Grab cell phone stand. Pieper had a little trouble getting his Smartphone to stick to the sticky surface with his textured cell phone case.

"It seems to have the same problem as the other one," said Pieper. "If you're just touching it whoa - uh oh. It's already falling off."

Pieper removed the phone case and tried again.

"Without the case it holds a lot better," said Pieper. "I don't think you have to worry about it getting knocked over if you have rowdy children or a cat jumps up on the table. It's not going to fall over."

The Gadget Grab commercial claims: "If the grip pad ever gets dirty, a quick rinse makes it like new again."

To make it a real challenge, we stuck Gadget Grab to a burlap table cloth, the cat and a hard-to-reach dusty spot to get it good and dirty. Pieper ran it under the kitchen faucet and the hair and dust came right off.

Twenty minutes later when Gadget Grab was good and dry Pieper tried it again.

"I don't think washing has affected it any," said Pieper. "It's still sticky, so it's reusable. In case you drop it or get it dirty."

Pieper liked just about everything about Gadget Grab, except for the jiggle. He really liked the price.

We bought our Gadget Grab at Walmart for $10. Both the full size and cell phone stands fold down into a pocket-size, portable accessories.

Pieper gives Gadget Grab 4 stars on this Does It Work test.

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