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Trey Pearson's Blog
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Murray State's Trey Pearson will be blogging on through the postseason tournaments. Check back as Trey blogs for an exclusive look "Inside the Game".

Tuesday, March 1:

I woke up feeling better this morning.  I’m already nervous.  We’ll have a shoot-around this afternoon and go over some things.  It’s not like we (Murray State & Southeast Missouri) don’t know each other.  I mean we just played last Thursday and have played one other time before that.  I’m excited about the game, and I’m glad we’re at home, our fans will be pumped up for sure.

Sunday, February 27:
A day off!  All we did was rest and study.  Tomorrow we have a lift at 7:15am and then practice in the afternoon.  This time of year, we try and save our legs for the games.  The OVC Tournament is what we all shoot for.  Really it doesn’t matter that we lost to SIU andWestern Kentucky earlier this season, what matters is what we do this week.  I hope we can play our best and then let it all fall where it may.
Saturday, February 26:

Well we played a good game tonight and beat EIU.   Again, I didn’t shoot very often or make many.  But I’m glad to do the other things to help us win.  I’m so happy for Pearson Griffith, (Yes his first name is the same as my last name!) he’s really improved the last month and had 14 points tonight!  He even made two steals and drove the floor for layups…’s not very often that you see a 6'10" guy do that.  We were all yelling and making a lot of noise when he did that.  We found out after the game that we get SEMO again next Tuesday.  It’ll be a tough game, they’re a good team.

Friday, February 25:

We got a huge win last night at SEMO.  The game really worried me because they had already beaten us at home.  I didn’t have a great game, but even when I don’t score, I try and do the other things to help me win.  In the locker room after the game, it was great because coach Cronin was really proud of how we’re coming together as a team.  I think we’re peaking at the right time.  Now if we can get the one Saturday at Eastern Illinois we’ll be on a roll. Did I mention that I’m not feeling well? It’s been a long season.  I’m not the only one who’s sick, nothing like the flu, just a cold, but it just makes you feel bad.