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Humane society searching for pack of 'killer stray dogs'


A pack of wild dog are running loose in Kennett, Mo. killing pets, according to people in the community.

“There’s stray dog, it’s about five or six of them and they’ve been just running the neighborhood here," Rhanda Gattis said.

She said just last month wild dogs came into her yard and attacked her animals.

“They’ve killed my mother cat and her four kittens, one of them survived, thanks to the guys at the park department," she said.

According to a few Facebook users, the dogs has been causing problems in the county since last winter.

Gattis said others in the community have tried to help the stray dogs, but that didn’t work.

 “People have yelled at them to get out of their yards and things like that, so they don’t know a kind hand," she said.

Tina Petix is the only animal catcher in the county and said she’s caught a few of the dogs in the pack, but it keeps growing.

“The pack is never the same," Petix said. "There is a few that are in the pack and we can weed out most of it and then they’ll add another one to somebody else stray that’s running lose.”

Petix said they’ve set up traps around the community, but sometimes the dogs don’t fall for them.

“It does on some of them, some are harder than others, but we’re working on it," she said.

Gattis said she hopes the dogs doesn’t hurt any children before they are caught.

“I’m afraid that’s what it’s going to take for the city or whoever to do something about it, for the dogs to do something to a child,' Gattis said.

Petix said she wants to make sure the community know that’s she’s working her hardest and plans to catch these dogs as soon as possible.

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