Missouri doctor responds to study linking cancer to pesticides

Missouri doctor responds to study linking cancer to pesticides

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A new report suggests pesticide use in homes may increase the risk of children developing leukemia or lymphoma.

The study comes from the Journal of Pediatrics, but a Cape Girardeau doctor says parents shouldn't be too concerned about the findings.

The study looked at 16 other studies to come to the conclusion children exposed to indoor insecticides were 47 percent more likely to be diagnosed with childhood leukemia.

Doctor Andrew Sledd, a pediatrician at Saint Francis Medical Center, said while these chemicals can be harmful to a child's developing immune system other factors play a part in a cancer diagnosis, one being genetics.

It also doesn't specify what types of pesticides were looked at during the study.

He said parents shouldn't be worried, there may be some association with cancer and these types of chemicals but there isn't a link between the two.

"Read the labels on the bottles, be sure to know what you are using and where. There are natural alternatives to the chemicals to common household treatments," said Dr. Sledd.

Dr. Sledd said he agrees with the part of the research that states there wasn't a link found between childhood cancer and outdoor insecticides.

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