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38 Special at SEMO District Fair close enough to Rock and Roll


"This is the greatest job in the world," yelled 38-Special front man Don Barnes to the loyal crowd at the SEMO District Fair after finishing his shredding his guitar solo on Monday, Sept. 14.

It was 41 years ago that Barnes and co-founder Donnie Van Zant formed the band in Florida. And they have rolled out a string of hits since then.

From the first song, "Rockin Into the Night," Barnes looked like he was enjoying himself, like the guy who knows that a rock and roll singer could be the greatest job in the world. The band followed that with a string of 80s minor hits.

Much of the crowd was on their feet for the 90 minute set. And as the concert climaxed with a rendition of "Chained Lightnin" many of the crowd rushed to the front of the stage to create a small mosh pit.

As you would expect, the "Chained Lightnin/Hold on Loosely" close was the highlight of the show. Barnes and guitarist Danny Chauncey were leading the crowd and showing how much fun working in a rock and roll band could be. Drummer Gary Moffatt kept a great beat behind the band. It was a little disappointing not to have a bass solo from Barry Dunaway. Keyboardist Bobby Capps just looked surprised to be on stage. Perhaps it was the angle of my view but it just seemed like he was out of place.

The band covered all of their hits "Caught up in You," "Second Chance," "Caught up in You," "Teacher, Teacher" and "Wild Eyed Southern Boys" which spanned their four decade history. Their "Last Time" had a great blues feel.

The show also included covers of INXS' "Good Times," and ZZTop's "Just Got Paid" and closed out with a rocking cover of CCR's "Travelin Band."

The band had been on the road for 10 years when I first saw them. They were having fun - Van Zant was swinging from the stage on a harness and lots of flashing lights and dueling guitars.

Barnes, who is carrying on the legacy, may be past the gymnastic entertainment, but is still having fun. And I left the show thinking that being in a rock and roll band is probably the greatest job in the world.

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