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Man accused of trespassing and burglarizing the same home, same day


A Cape Girardeau man faces criminal charges accused of illegally entering the same home twice on Sunday.

Police cited 34-year-old Eric James Baltrush for trespassing at a home on North Sprigg on Sunday afternoon.

Less than two hours later, they arrested him for a burglary at the same address.

People who lives in the home are wondering why Baltrush decided to back after he was arrested.

Annie Rogers said when she heard someone rambling around in her home, she knew she had an uninvited guest.

"I heard the door shut and I immediately ran outside and saw him standing at the bottom of the stairs," Rogers said. "I was like 'What are you doing? What's going on?' and he said he was here to talk to John."

That's when police say Eric Baltrush made his way into the home and started looking around for something or someone.

"He goes past me and inside the door and is looking around in the house and I'm telling him 'You need to get out!, You need to get out!' and I immediately call the cops," she said.

Rogers said the police arrived and arrested Baltrush. She believed everything was okay and left to go shopping, then she got a phone call.

"About 30 minutes later I get a call saying where is this guy?" Rogers said.

Police say Baltrush was cited for trespassing and released, only to come back to the same home again an hour and a half later.

Dillion Jenkins stays in the lower apartment and said he knew something was wrong once he saw a man at his back gate.

"I said 'Can I help you with something?' and he said 'Oh no, I'm good' then I knew something wasn't right," Jenkins said. "So I had a pellet gun under my bed and I thought maybe that would help me a little."

Jenkins said as he was looking for the weapon the suspect came in his back door. 

"I said 'Whoa dude!' and I told him to back up and I put my arm out," he said trying to keep his distance. "And I reached in the back of my pants to pull out the gun and as I did he attacked me."

Jenkins ended up getting loose, running to the restaurant across the street, and calling police.

Officers arrested Baltrush on a felony burglary count.

Rogers said she's happy he is now in jail, but she plans to add more security to her home.

"We're just taking more precautionary measures now, buying more protection and installing locks more," Rogers said. "Just so we can prevent this thing in the future."

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