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Fairgoers say fair time relieves stress


Eyes twinkle with excitement. Wind from a fast carnival ride blow in a child's hair. Children smile with powered-sugar covered faces. It's fair time!

The SEMO District Fair kicked off Saturday. Many couldn't hold back their excitement.

While some people come for the rides and others come for the food, but all come for the experience. 

Many fairgoers say they come for a break from the norm.

Kids say say it's great to hang out with their friends and meet new people. While they take a break from school, this is an opportunity to still develop their social skills. 

"Being exposed to new people is really important," Allison Beggs said. "Being in school with a lot of the same type of people, it's difficult to be a well rounded individual."

Even adults say they come for more than the food and rides. In fact, both adults and children agree that being at the fair relieves stress.

"Everybody needs a stress reliever. This is my stress reliever," Richard Jackson said. "Even if I walk around and visit people I haven't seen in years."

"I think it's awesome for everybody. People just to come out here and enjoy themselves with a bunch of people from the area and all the other small towns around the area and meet new people," Megan Gates said. 

If you missed the fair last weekend, there is still plenty of time. The fair runs through the week and the last day is on September 19.

Check out the SEMO District Fair lineup.

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