Cancer Survivor 'On the Road'

Janet Cloe would tell anyone her story if she thought it would help saves lives.   She's a breast cancer survivor and in a way she's battled it 5 times. "We had a family history of it.   In 1996 I kind of expected it but it was still shocking," says breast cancer survivor Cloe. All three of her sisters, her mom, and herself have battled breast cancer. "We all got on the same train, wondering who's next. I was the last daughter of four," says Cloe. They all survived cancer, but one sister, and now Janet is determined to help others by chairing this year's American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event in Williamson county.   She's inspiring other members in the community to help out, many of which are touched by Janet's personal struggles. "She has so many people in her family and so many more that could possibly get it like nieces and daughters.   It's real.  Cancer is everywhere," says relay volunteer Joann Tanner. "It kind of makes you realize how many people it affects out there," says relay volunteer Melissa Gibbs. "When you hear the word cancer it's not a death sentence anymore, get your treatments, and life can go on," says Janet. For more information on a Relay for Life Event near you call 1-800-ACS-2345