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Nature's Halloween decoration; bag worms make homes for fall

Halloween isn't for another month, but you may have noticed some spooky decorations that look like thick cobwebs on your trees. 

They’re called bagworms, and experts say they usually come around the fall season and due to the recent weather they’re popping up more and more.

They build homes, looking like bags, in certain trees.

Experts say some of the most common places they make their homes are maple, pecan, ash and walnut trees.

Although the worms aren’t harmful, these web-like homes could damage your branches.

“They tend to eventually die the branches out, branches fall out, causes yard waste, could cause infection to the tree where eventually you will eventually have to cut the tree down," Michael Kasky, owner of Kasky's Tree Service said.

If you want to get rid of the nests, Kasky recommends burning them out, if it's not to wet.

But the best way is to cut the webs out or trim the branches that have them. 

Kasky says if it is a smaller tree, and there is a large colonization of the bagworms, he recommends it may be best to cut the tree down and plant another one.

Once bagworms are done with one tree, they will move onto the next.

Experts say they emerge into moths around the spring time.

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