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Frankfort Community High School students build bike for peer


School is a time for assignments, learning new things, and creating projects hoping to get a good grade.

For high school students, Dalton Wright, Jack Holmes and Austin VanHorn, the project they’re working on isn’t for a grade, but to help their fellow classmate, James Gardner.

“We really wanted to help out and make sure he was alright, and able to move around freely and be happy," Holmes said. 

His fellow classmates decided to take action to make it easier for him.

““If it’s something easier and it makes him happy, we enjoy doing something like that, so it’s a good experience," Wright said.

“He’s a good friend," VanHorn said.

"And a great classmate," Wright said.

The high school students want others to know that although everyone is different, treating others with respect should always be the same.

“They need to be kinder to them and not treat them like they’re outcasts because in the long run, they just want to be like everyone else," Holmes said.

It’s a project that took four days to finish.

“His eyes lit up when he saw it," Wright said. "He was just so excited, it was a great feeling to see.”

And although it wasn’t for a grade, with a huge smile on James' face, it looks as though James has given them a solid A+.

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